Sanskrit as a Tool of Control

Anything that has been around for thousands of years in an unbroken tradition is going to convey brutality and spiritual fascism. Where there are “masters” there must be slaves.

When we take a stand, here in 2011, and accept what is good and beautiful and useful in the ancient traditions, we need to keep in mind that they would never, ever accept us. We can never join that country club. We are so far down the caste system that we are not even slaves.

The Laws of Manu

He must never read the Vedas in the presence of the Shudras. (Manu IV. 99.)

If a Shudra arrogantly presumes to preach religion to Brahmins, the king shall have poured burning oil in his mouth and ears. Manu VIII. 272.

A Companion to Dharmaśāstra Sures Chandra Banerji

If the shudra intentionally listens for committing to memory the veda, then his ears should be filled with (molten) lead and lac; if he utters the veda, then his tongue should be cut off; if he has mastered the veda his body should be cut to pieces.

Women have no right to study the Vedas. That is why their Sanskars are performed without Veda Mantras. Women have no knowledge of religion because they have no right to know the Vedas. [?] The uttering of Veda Mantras, they are as unclean as untruth is" (Manu IX. 18).

None of the acts of women can be taken as good and reasonable (Manu X.4).

A woman shall not perform the daily sacrifices prescribed by the Vedas. If she does it, she will go to hell (Manu XI. 36/37).

Even for a woman, the performance of the sanskaras are necessary and they should be performed. But they should be performed without uttering the Veda Mantras." (Manu II. 60)

From Vedic Mantras by Frits Staal, in Mantra By Harvey P. Alper

The Revelation of the Sikhs

The Sikhs, bless them, already fought this battle for us and opened the way.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib discovered: a reference book of quotations ... By Hakim Singh Rahi