Raga - Color, hue, tint, dye, any feeling or passion, love, seasoning

Note: Bhairava and Bhairavi are popular ragas in Indian music.

rāga [p= 872,1] [L=176089]
(fr. √ rañj ; ifc. ā , or ī) the act of colouring or dyeing (cf. mūrdhaja-r°)

esp.) red colour , redness MBh. Ka1v. &c


esp.) love , affection or sympathy for , vehement desire of , interest or joy or delight in (loc. or comp.) Up. Mn. MBh. &c

esp. of voice or song) S3ak. Pan5cat.

partic. musical mode or order of sound or formula ; bharata enumerates 6 , viz. bhairava , kauśika , hindola , dīpaka , śrī-rāga , and megha , each mode exciting some affection ; other writers give other names ; sometimes 7 or 26 rāgas are mentioned ; they are personified , and each of the 6 chief rāgas is wedded to 5 or 6 consorts called rāgiīs ; their union gives rise to many other musical modes) Bhar. Sam2gi1t. Ra1jat. Pan5cat. &c


partic. process in the preparation of quicksilver Sarvad.




(H1) m.
[L=176090]colour , hue , tint , dye , (
[L=176092]any feeling or passion , (
[L=176093]loveliness , beauty (
[L=176094]a musical note , harmony , melody (in the later system a
[L=176095]nasalization ,
[L=176097]seasoning , condiment
[L=176098]a prince , king
[L=176099]the sun
[L=176100]the moon

Raja Yoga: A Path to Super Conscious Bliss - Page 37
Joseph M. Ketron, III - 2003 - 140 pages - Preview
Avidha Asmita Raga Dvesha Abhiniveshah Kleshah Avidya=ignorance, Asmita=egoism, Raga=attachment, Dvesha=hatred, Abhinivesha=clinging to bodily life, Kleshah= obstacles Ignorance, egoism, attachment, hatred and clinging to bodily life are ...

Happy for no good reason : learn to meditate: become stronger, ... - Page 95
Swami Shankarananda - 2004 - 244 pages - Preview
Patanjali calls this raga-dvesha, attraction and repulsion. The desire cycle is the movement of attraction, ... Raga-dvesha is the tension we feel when surrounded by people and situations we either want to attract or avoid. ...

The Wisdom of Yoga: A Seeker's Guide to Extraordinary Living - Page 294
Stephen Cope - 2007 - 316 pages - Preview
... raga, dvesha, and ahliinivcslia. klishta: Actions resulting in bondage. kimha: Sheath, casing, increasingly subtle levels of reality: in Upanishadic teachings, often refers to five sheaths: anna-maya, pidna-inaija, iiiaiio-nuiija . .

Meditation and Mantras - Page 168
Vishnu Devananda - 1999 - 267 pages - Preview
Raga-dvesha translates as "likes/ dislikes;" when a person is swayed by feelings of attraction and aversion, he is identifying with the material world and setting himself up for the pain of loss and disappointment. ...

rāga--da [L=176117]
colour-giving , colouring , passion-inspiring W.
rāga--da [L=176118]
a kind of shrub L.
(H3) mfn.
(H3B) m.
rāga--bandha [L=176135]
connection of the rāgas , expression or manifestation of affection , passion Ka1lid.
(H3) m.
rāgā* tmaka [p= 872,2] [L=176167]
(ikā)n. composed of or characterized by passion , impassioned Bhag.
(H3) mf
rāgā* ndha [L=176169]
blind with passion or desire MaitrUp.
(H3) mfn.
rāgā* nvita [L=176170]
having colour or dye , coloured W.

(H3) mfn.
[L=176171]affected by passion or desire
rāgā* yāta [L=176172]
the uprising of passion , excess of passion MW.
(H3) n.
rāgo* dreka [L=176177]
excess of passion MW.
(H3) m.
rājasa [p= 875,2] [L=176949]
belonging or relating to the quality rajas (q.v.) , endowed with or influenced by the quality of passion , passionate (-tva n.) MaitrUp. Mn. MBh. &c
rājasa [L=176950]
N. of a class of gods in the 5th manv-antara VP.
(H1) mfn.
(H1B) m. pl.

anu-rāga [p= 37,2] [L=7082]
attachment , affection , love , passion

S3is3. ix , 8 , &c
(H2) m.
[L=7083]red colour