Hathayoga-Forced meditation

haha--yoga [p= 1287,1] [L=260257]
a kind of forced yoga or abstract meditation (forcing the mind to withdraw from external objects ; treated of in the haha-pradīpikā by svātmārāma and performed with much self-torture , such as standing on one leg , holding up the arms , inhaling smoke with the head inverted &c )
(H3) m.

The forceful yoga: being the translation of Hathayoga-Pradipika, ... - Page 26
, G.P. Bhatt, Rai Bahadur - 2004 - 275 pages - Preview
dkesdd dnakhdgrdc ca nirodhdvadhi kumbhayet / tatah sanaih savyanddya recayet pavanam sanaih // 49 // Then it should ... Ujjayi athojjdyi : mukham samyamya nddibhydm dkrsya pavanam sanaih / yathd lagati kanthdt tu hrdaydvadhi sasvanam ...
Pancham Sinh