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    Sanskrit Sandhi - The Thousands of Rules for Blurring Word Boundaries & Otherwise Modifying the Sounds

    sa-dhí [L=231642]
    containing a conjunction or transition from one to the other &c TBr.
    sa-dhí [L=231643]
    (exceptionally f. ; once in MBh. loc. pl. sadhīu) junction , connection , combination , union with (instr.) Kat2hUp. Subh.
    sa-dhí [L=231644]
    association , intercourse with (instr.) MBh.
    sa-dhí [L=231645]
    comprehension , totality , the whole essence or scope of (comp.) Pan5cat.
    sa-dhí [L=231646]
    agreement , compact TBr.
    sa-dhí [L=231647]
    alliance , league , reconciliation , peace between (gen.) or with (instr. with or without saha) , making a treaty of peace , negotiating alliances (one of a king's six courses of action » gua ; many kinds are specified e.g. adṛṣṭa-purua , ucchinna , kāñcana , kapāla , satāna , qq. vv.) Mn. Ya1jn5. Hit. &c
    sa-dhí [L=231648]
    euphonic junction of final and initial letters in grammar (every sentence in Sanskrit being regarded as a euphonic chain , a break in which occurs at the end of a sentence and is denoted by a virāma or avasāna , " stop " ; this euphonic coalition causing modifications of the final and initial letters of the separate words of a sentence and in the final letters of roots and stems when combined with terminations to form such words) Pra1t. Katha1s. Sa1h.
    sa-dhí [L=231649]
    contrivance , management Ragh. Das3.
    sa-dhí [L=231650]
    place or point of connection or contact , juncture , hinge , boundary , boundary line TS. A1past. MBh. &c
    sa-dhí [L=231651]
    critical juncture , crisis , opportune moment MW.
    sa-dhí [L=231652]
    a joint , articulation (of the body ; esp. applied to the five junctures of the parts of the eye) RV. &c
    sa-dhí [L=231653]
    interstice , crevice , interval MBh.
    sa-dhí [L=231654]
    the space between heaven and earth , horizon S3Br. Gr2S3rS.
    sa-dhí [L=231655]
    the interval between day and night , twilight (= sa-dhyā) VS. &c
    sa-dhí [L=231656]
    a seam Amar.
    sa-dhí [L=231657]
    a fold Pan5cat.
    sa-dhí [L=231658]
    a wall or the hole or cavity or breach in a wall made by a housebreaker (acc. with √ chid or bhid or Caus. of ut-pad , " to make a breach in a wall ") Mn. Mr2icch. Das3.
    sa-dhí [L=231659]
    the vagina or vulva L.
    sa-dhí [L=231660]
    a juncture or division of a drama (reckoned to be five , viz. mukha , pratimukha , garbha , vimarśa , and nirvahaa , qq. vv. ; or one of the 14 kinds of nirvahaa or catastrophe) Bhar. Das3ar. &c
    sa-dhí [L=231661]
    a period at the expiration of each yuga or age (equivalent to one sixth of its duration and intervening before the commencement of the next ; occurring also at the end of each manv-antara and kalpa) W.
    sa-dhí [L=231662]
    a pause or rest ib.
    sa-dhí [L=231663]
    a part , portion , piece of anything AitBr. Hariv. Naish. Sch.
    sa-dhí [L=231664]
    a partic. stotra Br.
    sa-dhí [L=231665]
    (in mensuration) the connecting link of a perpendicular ib.
    sa-dhí [L=231666]
    the common side of a double triangle S3ulbas.
    sa-dhí [L=231667]
    = *vakāśa L.
    sa-dhí [L=231668]
    N. of a son of prasuśruta BhP. @
    sa-dhí [L=231669]
    N. of a goddess presiding over junction or union VS.
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