Nivritta - Turned back

ni-° vtta [L=110388]
(often w.r. for nir-vtta , vi-vtta , ni-vta) turned back , returned to (acc.) MBh.

abl.) R.



abl. or comp.) MBh. Ka1v. &c

BhP. Hcat.

abl.) MBh. R.

ni-° vtta [L=110396]
(with karman n. an action) causing a cessation (of mundane existence) Mn. xii , 88 (opp. to pravtta)

Pat. Ka1s3.

cf. comp. below)


ni-° vtta [L=110401]
return (» durniv°)

(H3) mfn.
[L=110389]rebounded from (
[L=110390]retreated , fled (in battle)
[L=110391]set (as the sun)
[L=110392]averted from , indifferent to , having renounced or given up (
[L=110393]abstracted from this world , quiet
[L=110394]rid or deprived of (
[L=110395]passed away , gone , ceased , disappeared , vanished
(H3B) n.
[L=110397]ceased to be valid or binding (as a rule)
[L=110398]omitted , left out (
[L=110399]finished , completed
[L=110400]desisting from or repenting of any improper conduct
(H3B) n.
ní-° vta [p= 560,1] [p= 559,3] [L=110352]
(ní-) held back , withheld RV.
560,1] [L=110352.1]

= ni-vīta) a veil , mantle , wrapper L.
ní-° vta [L=110352.3]
= next L.

(H3) mfn.
[p= surrounded , enclosed
(H3B) n.

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In reply, Vedanta Desika points out that there is no room for the above objection if we understand correctly the implication of the words, pravrtta and nivrtta. The nivrtta karmas are those which are helpful to overcome the fear of ...

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Jagdish Lal Shastri, Arnold Kunst, G. P. Bhatt - 1999 - Snippet view
The words Pravrtta and Nivrtta designate respectively the persons who desire continuation of mundane existence and those who are averse to the same. 88. Vyahrtis are the mystical utterances, seven in number, viz. ...

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As Olivcllc notes, in the longer history of Hinduism, the attempt to cast the two dharmas, pravrtta and nivrtta, as stages of a lifetime, or as levels of practice did not ultimately work as harmoniously as it was designed to do. ...

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108) obviously implies that this alankara along with the other four of its group — bindu, nivrtta-pravrtta, tara- mandra-prasanna and mandra-tara-prasanna — belonged to sancarl alone. Bharata lists prenkholita as an arohi-alankara (NS ...

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The aim of action makes it of two different kinds when it is purposive and when it is selfless — Kamya and Niskamya.1 They are termed in Manusmrti as pravrtta and nivrtta.2 Acts which secure the fulfilment of wishes in this world or in ...