dhāmāntaḥkṣobhasambhūtasūkṣmāgnitilakākṛtim |
binduṃ śikhānte hṛdaye layānte dhyāyato layaḥ || 37 ||

kālāgninā kālapadād utthitena svakam puram |
pluṣṭam vicintayed ante śāntābhāsas tadā bhavet || 52 ||

agní [p= 5,1] [L=890]
( √ ag Un2. ) fire , sacrificial fire (of three kinds , gārhapatya , āhavanīya , and dakia)




of various plants Semicarpus Anacardium Sus3r. , Plumbago Zeylanica and Rosea , Citrus Acida

kātantra grammar N. of noun-stems ending in i and u ([cf. Lat. igni-s ; Lith. ugni-s ; Slav. ognj]).
agni [p= 1309,1]
(H1) m.
[L=891]the number three
[L=892]the god of fire , the fire of the stomach , digestive faculty , gastric fluid
[L=896]mystical substitute for the letter

in the
(H2) (also) = next,

Agni is the first word of the first hymn of the Rigveda:

अग्नि॒म् ई॑ळे पुरो॒हि॑तं यज्ञ॒स्य॑ देव॒म् ऋत्वि॒ज॑म् होता॑रं रत्नधा॒त॑मम्

agním īḷe puróhitaṃ / yajñásya devám ṛtvíjam / hótāraṃ ratnadhâtamam

Agni I laud, the high priest, god, minister of sacrifice, The invoker, lavishest of wealth.
He is the supreme director of religious ceremonies and duties, and figures as messenger between mortals and gods. Vedic rituals all involve Agni, for example the elaborate Agnicayana, that is, the piling of the fire altar, the Agnihotra, viz., offering to Agni.

Note agnibīja - gold

agní--bīja [p= 5,2] [L=1006]
gold L.

of the letter r Ra1matUp.

Agni Usage:

(H3) n.

The hymns of the R̥gveda - Page 322
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3 These who delight in flowing juice, like fellow horses at their food, Indra and Agni, Gods armed with the thunderbolt ... 4 Indra and Agni, Friends of Law, served with rich gifts, your speech is kind To him who praises you while these ...

Vedic Hymns: Hymns to Agni (Mandalas I-V) - Page 1
Hermann Oldenberg - 1897 - Free Google eBook - Read
Agni, worthy to be magnified by the ancient .tf/shis and by the present ones — may he conduct the gods hither. 3. May one obtain through Agni wealth and welfare day by day, which may bring glory and high bliss of valiant offspring. 4 . ...
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DEITIES Agni: God of Fire Madhucchandas The first hymn of the Rigveda is ascribed to the Rishi or seer Madhucchandas Vaisvamitra, a son or descendant of the famous Visvamitra. The deity to whom this hymn is ...
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