How Do I Know Which Technique To Do?

Explore and find out what works for you. Everyone is different. Some people can learn from a book, other people learn better from an audio program. If you can swing it, call me and set up sessions, or come to a workshop.

The main thing I do when I work with people is to help them shape an approach to meditation that suits their individual nature, personality, body type and daily life.

Human beings have instincts that guide them in meditation. Instinctive Meditation takes the best of classical meditation teachings from thousands of years ago, and updates it for modern lifestyles.

The purpose of any meditation technique is to lead you beyond itself into a more immediate and vital contact with your everyday life. You will know, usually immediately, which techniques you like, and they will be the ones that leave you feeling rested and more available for the joy of living.

There is no One True Way to meditate. You can just do what works for you. The truth is what works, and your truth is what works for you.