Praliyate - Dissolve into peace

madhyajihve sphāritāsye madhye nikṣipya cetanām |
hoccāraṃ manasā kurvaṃs tataḥ śānte
pralīyate || 81 ||

pra-laya [p= 689,3] [L=136574]
» under pra-.
pra-laya [p= 689,3] [L=136598]
dissolution , reabsorption , destruction , annihilation
689,3] [L=136599]
689,3] [L=136600]
esp.) the destruction of the whole world , at the end of a kalpa (s.v.) Shad2vBr. ChUp. S3am2k. MBh. Ka1v. &c
689,3] [L=136601]
689,3] [L=136602]
sajāta-nidrā-pra-laya mfn. having done sleeping Pan5cat. )
689,3] [L=136603]
Bhag. Br2ih.
689,3] [L=136604]
Prata1p. Sa1h. Sus3r.
689,3] [L=136605]
689,3] [L=136606]
of the syllable om , Atharvas3Up. ??
(H1) &c
(H2) m.
[p= death
[p= (
[p= setting (of the stars)
[p= end (
[p= cause of dissolution
[p= fainting , loss of sense or consciousness
[p= sleepiness
[p= N.

laya [p= 897,3] [L=181584]
&c » [p= 903,2].
laya [p= 903,2] [L=182754]
the act of sticking or clinging to (loc.) , S3is. ?? (laya with loc. , " to become attached to any one " Kuval. )
903,2] [L=182755]
903,2] [L=182756]
loc. or comp.) Up. Kap. &c (layagam or " to disappear , be dissolved or absorbed " ; laya sa-gam , " to hide or conceal one's self ")
903,2] [L=182757]
MBh. Ka1v. &c (laya , " to be destroyed , perish ")
903,2] [L=182758]
S3is3. BhP. (cf. a-laya)
903,2] [L=182759]
903,2] [L=182760]
Kap. Veda7ntas.
903,2] [L=182761]
903,2] [L=182762]
903,2] [L=182763]
903,2] [L=182764]
druta , " quick " , madhya , " mean or moderate " , and vilambita , " slow ") , Ka1lid. Das3ar. Pan5cat. &c
903,2] [L=182765]
903,2] [L=182766]
903,2] [L=182767]
903,2] [L=182768]
partic. agricultural implement (perhaps a sort of harrow or hoe) VS.
903,2] [L=182769]
903,2] [L=182770]
layā [p= 903,2] [L=182771]
N. of a yoginī Hcat. (v.l. jayā)
laya [p= 903,2] [L=182772]
the root of Andropogon Muricatus Bhpr.
laya [p= 903,2] [L=182773]
making the mind inactive or indifferent BhP.
(H1) layana
(H2) m.
[p= lying down , cowering
[p= melting , dissolution , disappearance or absorption in (
[p= extinction , destruction , death
[p= rest , repose
[p= place of rest , residence , house , dwelling
[p= mental inactivity , spiritual indifference
[p= sport , diversion , merriness
[p= delight in anything
[p= an embrace
[p= (in music) time (regarded as of 3 kinds , viz.
[p= a kind of measure
[p= the union of song , dance and instrumental music
[p= a pause
[p= a
[p= a swoon
[p= the quick (downward) movement of an arrow
(H2B) f.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) mfn.

Gorakhnāth and the Kānphaṭa Yogīs - Page 343
George Weston Briggs - 1938 - 380 pages - Preview
When the breath (prana) becomes exhausted and the mental processes (manas) are destroyed (praliyate), then their being equal (union) is called samadhi. And this equality, (this) oneness of the two, the living self and the absolute self, ..

Srimad-Bhagavad-Gita, the scripture of mankind: the text in ...
Tapasyananda (Swami.) - 1984 - 499 pages - Snippet view
When the night begins, it dissolves in that Unmanifest itself. ^jjraTff: *r «^pt *jc^T *jrgr sT^fa^ ... again and again rdtrydgame : at the coming of night praliyate : dissolves, ahardgame : at the dawn of day prabhavati : comes forth. ...

Kalātattvakośa: a lexicon of fundamental concepts of the Indian arts
Advaitavadini Kaul, Sukumar Chattopadhyay, Bettina Bäumer - 1999 - 429 pages - Snippet view
Pralaya is used in a secondary sense also. The Hathayoga Pradlpika (IV. 10) reads ' prabuddhdndm mahdsakto prdnah sunye praliyate' (prana gets dissolved in sunya (void) when the great power (kundalini) is awakened). ...

The sacred books of the East: Volume 25 - Page 17
Friedrich Max Müller - 1886 - Free Google eBook - Read
Instead of the figurative nimilali, ' closes the eyes, sinks to sleep,' Gov. and K., read praliyate, ' is absorbed. ... According to Gov. and Kull., this verse describes the maha- pralaya, the great or total destruction at the end of a ...

The Bhagavad Gītā - Page 367
Winthrop Sargeant, Christopher Chapple - 1984 - 739 pages - Preview
19 bhutagrdmah sa evdyam the multitude of existences it this bhutva bhutva praliyate having come to be again and again, is dissolved rdtrydgame 'vasah pdrtha at the arrival of night without will, Son of Prtha, prabhavaty ahardgame it .