Pluta-Floating, swimming in, bathed, overflowed, submerged, protracted, flown, leaped, flood, capering of a horse’s paces

praṇavādisamuccārāt plutānte śūnyabhāvānāt |
śūnyayā parayā śaktyā śūnyatām eti bhairavi || 39 ||

pluta [p= 715,2] [L=141548]
floated , floating or swimming in (loc.) , bathed , overflowed , submerged , covered or filled with (instr. or comp.) Ya1jn5. MBh. R. &c
715,3] [L=141549]
mātrās (q.v.) Pra1t. Pa1n2. 1-2 , 27 esp. S3rS. &c (also said of a kind of measure Cat. )
715,3] [L=141550]
715,3] [L=141551]
MBh. Hariv.
pluta [p= 715,3] [L=141552]
a flood , deluge (pl.) Hariv.
pluta [p= 715,3] [L=141553]
leaping , moving by leaps MBh. R. Vcar.
pluta [p= 715,3] [L=141554]
capering (one of a horse's paces) L.

(H2) mfn.
[p= protracted , prolated or lengthened (as a vowel) to 3
[p= flown
[p= leaped , leaping
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.

Pluta Usage

Language of the Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa
Ramesh Kumar Lowe - 1987 - 335 pages - Snippet view
A vowel lengthened three times the quantity of a short vowel is called pluta ( protracted). ... Probably in this mantra, Ate. pi. forms are used; thus ^^"fopj; g*rf STT^ ScJrersrr^l), (9) sp^rrer 3 mt^l 3 faRT ( (for %^xfa TT ...

Vāc: the concept of the word in selected Hindu Tantras - Page 265
André Padoux - 1990 - 460 pages - Google eBook - Preview
Similarly e. the short (hrasva), long (dirgha), and protracted (pluta) recitation of mantras: their uccara rises according to the case either up to the bhrumadhya, or to the brahmarandhra, or to the dvadasanta, 121. KKV, si 22-24. 122. ...

112 Upaniṣads: Sanskrit text and English translation with an ...: Volume 2
Kanhaiyālāla Jośī, Om Nath Bimali, Bindiya Trivedī - 2004 - Snippet view
The long svara goes to brahmarandhara : the pluta to dvadasanta (twelfth centre) . The mantras should be uttered on account of getting mantra siddhis. This Pranva (Om) will remove all obstacles. It will remove all sins. ...

Encyclopaedia of Hinduism - Page 945
N.K. Singh - 2002 - 18974 pages - Preview
Know that the mantra of the one-syllabled Om is Pranava. It has the eight differences of akara, ukara, makara, ... Pluta (the elongated accent) is virat : plutapluta is samhara. The viratpranava is of the form of sixteen matras and is ...

Agni purāṇam: Volume 2
Manmatha Nath Dutt - 1967 - 1346 pages - Snippet view
A Nada Mantra admits of a threefold division, according as it is short (Hrasva), long (Dirgha) or Pluta (protracted or prolated). A short Nada Mantra brings sin ... The same merit accrues to the repeater of a Pluta Nada Mantra furnished ...

Thirty Minor Upanishads - Page 242
- Full view
The long svara goes to brahmarandhra : the pluta to dvadas'anta (twelfth centre) . The mantras should be uttered on account of getting mantra siddhis. This Pranava (On) will remove all obstacles. It will remove all sins. ...

Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Purāṇas: Volume 1; Volume 5 - Page 1244
Swami Parmeshwaranand, Parmeshwaranand (Swami.) - 2001 - 1118 pages - Full view
describes how Visnu and Brahma received the omkara-mantra, together with the relevant yantra and tantra, ... pluta). Brahma stood perplexed, but Visnu perceive the first phonetic element a towards the southern side of the lihga, ...

Vedanta : The Knowledge Supreme - Page 119
Achuta T.N. Rao - 2004 - 354 pages - Preview
The short svara goes to bindu and the long svara goes to Brahmarandhra; the pluta goes to the dvadashanta (twelfth center). The mantra should be uttered on account of getting mantraiddhis." "Whoever recites this Upanishad becomes ...