Samadhi - Putting Together, joining

समाधि samadhi
समाधि samaadhi trance
समाधि samaadhi concentration of mind

समाधि samaadhi putting together

समाधि samaadhi settlement

समाधि samaadhi joining with

समाधि samaadhi deep concentration, meditation

Samadhi, putting together
samadhi, contemplation

sam-ādhi [p= 1159,3] [L=234154]

putting together , joining or combining with (instr.) La1t2y.

partic. position of the neck Kir.

R. Hariv. Ragh.




W. RPra1t.

°dhi-k , " to attend ") MBh. R. &c

yoga [ IW. 93] ; with Buddhists samādhi is the fourth and last stage of dhyāna or intense abstract meditation [ MWB. 209] ; in the kāraṇḍa-vyūha several samādhi are enumerated) Up. Buddh. MBh. &c

MBh. Ka1v. &c

W. RTL. 261

rhet.) N. of various figures of speech (defined as ārohā*varohakrama , artha-dṛṣṭi , anya-dharmāām anyatrā*dhirohaa &c ), Ka1vya7d. Va1m. Kpr. &c

of the 17th kalpa (q.v.) , of the 17th arhat of the future utsarpiī L.

vaiśya Cat. (accord. to L. also " silence ; a religious vow of intense devotion or self-imposed abstraction ; support , upholding ; continuance ; perseverance in difficulties ; attempting impossibilities ; collecting or laying up grain in times of dearth ")
(H2) m.
[L=234155]a joint or a
[L=234156]union , a whole , aggregate , set
[L=234157]completion , accomplishment , conclusion
[L=234158]setting to rights , adjustment , settlement
[L=234159]justification of a statement , proof
[L=234160]bringing into harmony , agreement , assent
[L=234161]intense application or fixing the mind on , intentness , attention (
[L=234162]concentration of the thoughts , profound or abstract meditation , intense contemplation of any particular object (so as to identify the contemplator with the object meditated upon ; this is the eighth and last stage of
[L=234163]intense absorption or a kind of trance
[L=234164]a sanctuary or tomb of a saint
[L=234167]of a