Spanda - Throbbing, pulsation

The ceaseless throb of Paradevi
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spand [p= 1268,1] [L=256488]
syand) cl.1 A1. ( Dha1tup. ii , 13) spandate (rarely °ti ; only in pres. base and inf. spanditum ; Gr. also pf. paspande ; fut. spanditā , spandiyate ; aor. aspandiṣṭa) , to quiver , throb , twitch , tremble , vibrate , quake , palpitate , throb with life , quicken (as a child in the womb) Pa1rGr2. Car. MBh. &c  ; 
to kick (as an animal)
Br. A1s3vS3r.  ; 
to make any quick movement , move , be active
Hariv.  ; 
to flash into life , come suddenly to life
BhP. : Caus. spandayati (aor. apaspandat) , to cause to quiver or shake MBh.  ; 
to move (trans.)
A1s3vS3r. : Desid. pispandiate Gr.: Intens. , » panipadá. ([cf. Gk. σφενδόνη , σφαδασμος , σφεδανός , σφοδρός ; perhaps also Lat. pendo , pondus.])
(H1) (often confounded with √
spandaná [L=256505]
(ā́)n. making a sudden movement , kicking (as a cow) AV.
spandaná [L=256506]
a kind of tree (the wood of which is made into bedsteads , chairs &c ) VarBr2S.
spandaná [L=256507]
throbbing , pulsation , palpitation , quivering , twitching (twitchings and quiverings of the body are supposed to prognosticate good or bad luck , and are therefore minutely described in certain works ; » above ) , trembling , agitation A1s3vGr2. Mr2icch. &c
spandaná [p= 1268,2] [L=256508]
throbbing with life , quickening (of a child in the womb) Ya1jn5. Sus3r.
spandaná [L=256509]
quick movement , motion Katha1s.
spandaná [L=256510]
w.r. for syand° RV. iii , 53 , 19.
(H2) mf
(H2B) m.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.
spandita [L=256511]
quivering , trembling Sa1h.

Caus.) set in motion , produced Prab.
spandita [L=256513]
a pulsation , throb , trembling Vikr.
spandita [L=256514]
movement or activity (of the mind) Prab.
(H2) mfn.
(H2B) n.
(H2B) n.

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Ill Spanda: The Universal Activity of Absolute Consciousness We have seen how the dynamic (spanda) character of absolute consciousness is its freedom to assume any form at will through the active diversification of awareness (vimarsa ) ...
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    In 1,17, it has been said, "The fully enlightened has always the experience of
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  4. Spanda is the recurrent pulse of Siva's movement down into gross material ... In this way the entire range of reality as the ongoing process of evolution and regression is Spanda, which is Siva. ...
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(i) the Spanda-kdrikas were a commentary on the Sivasutras, (ii) Vasugupta and Kallata both are related to the Spanda- kSrikBs whether directly or indirectly, (iii) Kallata did write two commentaries on the Sivasutras. ...
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spandana, ceaseless throb of Devi, Jaideva

Abhinavagupta, bhavas, hridaya-spanda