śúddhi [L=219494]
cleansing , purification , purity (lit. and fig.) , holiness , freedom from defilement , purificatory rite (esp. a partic. śrāddha performed at the cost of a person who needs purification) TBr. &c

Ka1m. VarBr2S.


&c ) MW.

ib. Ka1v. Katha1s.

Ya1jn5. Ma1lati1m.
1082,3] [L=219500]
gen. or comp. ; śuddhi-k , " to ascertain for certain " ; ś°-labh , " to receive certain intelligence ") Mn. Katha1s. Vet.

arithm.) leaving no remainder (śuddhim-i , " to leave no remainder ") , Bi1jag.


of durgā Cat.

śaktis of viṣṇu MW.

dākāyaī as worshipped at kapāla-mocana ib.
(H2) f.
[L=219495]setting free or securing (from any danger) , rendering secure
[L=219496]justification , exculpation , innocence (established by ordeal or trial) , acquittal
[L=219497]quittance , clearing off or paying off , discharge (of a debt
[L=219499]verification , correction , making true , correctness , accuracy , genuineness , truth
[p= clearness , certainty , accurate knowledge regarding (
[L=219502]subtraction of a quantity or a quantity to be subtracted ,
[L=219504]of one of the